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As Long As You Hate Me by Carrie Aaron - Book Review (Opinião)

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As Long As You Hate Me

Original Title: As Long As You Hate Me
Author: Carrie Aarons
(Kindle Edition)
Pages: 250 pages
High school sweethearts. What a load of bull.
He might have been my first love, but it never meant I wanted to hear lyrics containing my name, love story, and *cringe* how I lost my virginity peddled out for the masses to digest.
Seven years later, and I’m still being haunted by his photo in every magazine, his music on every radio station. I thought breakups meant that you never had to see the person again. Especially when they ripped out your heart and made hamburger meat with it.
But when a chance encounter ends up going viral, I’m tied to him in a way I’ve always dreaded. And the last person on earth I’d want to spend an hour with, much less a lifetime, makes me an offer I can’t refuse. I might just be desperate enough to take it.

The girl in the song is real. And she’s made me a rich man.
I’ve been dedicating choruses to her for a decade, she’s the muse she never wanted to be. Off of our love, I’ve become famous … and a complete egomaniac.
When another one of my flings goes off the rails, and lands me in hot water with the media, my recording label is less than thrilled. And so comes the marching orders from my agent; devise a scheme to transform into a squeaky clean good guy.
Coming face to face with her is something I’ve only dreamed about. If not to win her back, then to at least apologize for the ways I’ve exploited her. Instead, I rope her into my madness, proposing a deal only a masochist would accept.»

How can you not be curious by a romance book that involves high school sweethearts and a rock star? I would actually say that these have the perfect elements to make a good book and that was the case.
In As Long As You Hate Me the author Cerrie Aarons we follow Kara and Dean that, throughout high school and the two years after, they lived an intense romance. However, confusions ended up breaking the relationship a part and, seven years after the last time they saw each other, Dean comes back with a favour to ask.
The story develops around this premise and we obviously have a lot of drama involving fame, money and scandal.
First of all, I have to mention the amazing characters the author created. Of the last books I have read, these are, with no doubt, the most realistic and the ones that interact better with things: they don’t constantly change opinion, they just get annoyed with each other when there are actual motives for it and their emotions to the different situations seem completely realistic.
When talking about the action itself, there’s nothing very unexpected throughout the whole book, however, there where some moment where the character’s reactions made me laugh out loud of how funny they were.
The book itself is not that long, according to Goodreads it says that it is around 250 pages, which left me a bit apprensive because it’s not always easy to develop a good story in such a small number of pages, but I ended up thinking that it was the ideal number: less would be rushing the story way too much and more would be stretching what was already good.
Overall, I can’t really point out a problem in this book. So, why not five stars? The motive is pretty simple: the book is really good and it’s a fast read but I wasn’t really surprised. When I got to page 100 I thought that the book was going to end up in a certainly what happened, which made me back up half a start when I was doing my final decision, but this doesn’t invalidate all the positive points of the book.
So, this is an incredible book and a well-built romance. So yeah, I do recommend it.
Lastly, I just want to say that I am in love with this cover.
Good readings.
(4.5 out of 5 stars)

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