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Breakaway by Heather M. Orgeron - Book Review

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Original Title: Breakaway
Author: Heather M. Orgeron
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages: 258 pages
Synopsis: «I fell in love with my best friend but he didn't love me back. Sounds like a cheesy line from a country song, right? Too bad it's the story of my life. I thought that I’d moved on, swore he was the one. But that facade began to fade in the flash of a half-carat diamond ring. Now years later, here I am, running back to the boy who broke my adolescent heart, hoping that just maybe, he’ll be the one to piece it back together.
I fell in love with my best friend while she fell in love with him. Ironically, it was my own damn fault. I practically served her up on a silver platter. So I turned to my second love, basketball, moving across the country to escape. For years, I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching, waiting. 
Now it's time to make my move. 
No more fouling out. 
This time, I'm going to score.»

I got extremely happy when I got an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of this book since it talks about a friends-to-lovers romance, a kind of romance I love so much, and it didn’t disappoint.
The action takes place around Allie and Colt, two best friends that are secretly in love with each other and that, for years, have hidden their feelings for each other out of pure fear. Time goes by and when Allie decides to visit Colt during the Summer at the university where he studies he knows, for the good of both, that he must do something.
The book starts by following the friendship of these two characters during a certain time span and the signs that lead them to never admit to each other their feelings, and I really enjoyed the fact that the author committed herself into giving us this backstory, since it’s a very important part for the action, not only so we can strengthen the relationship reader-characters, but also to give us, the reader, the bigger picture of the relationship between these two.
Like I talked about earlier, this book talks about a friends-to-lovers romance, so we always have that edge-of-seat feeling where we know they like each other but they don’t really understand the feelings of the other. However, the author very well explored this whole question.
Now talking about the characters. My main problem was with Allie – I started by thinking that she was an extremely funny and sweet character, but while the story developed and up until about half of the book, she managed to, through her actions, annoy me constantly, besides the fact that she spends most of the books just weeping for everything. Regarding Colt, he was a character that, even though he also made stupid decisions, I simply loved. I also really liked the fact that the book was told in two POV’s (Point of View), what allowed us to have two visions of the same story. As secondary characters I want to mention Den, Allie’s boyfriend, that I really started to like around half of the book because he’s a very loveable character, and colt’s housemates, Finn and Blex are, without a shadow of a doubt, two very funny characters and very well developed.
Overall, Breakway isn’t a completely new and surprising book – the idea already exists in many, many books and it’s explored in the exact same way in some. However, the construction of the characters and the way the book flows, alongside with the environment written by the author, have made this book extremely good and I recommend it.
Good readings.
(4 out of 5 stars)

  • «Don't be so hard on yourself. A broken heart is easy to fool... you fell in love with being love. But you can't force your heart to love a person back... no matter how badly you may want to.»

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