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A Maiden's Honor by Josanna Thompson

A Maiden's Honor by Josanna Thompson

Title: A Maiden's Honor
Author: Josanna Thompson
Publisher: Inkwell Books, LLC
Pages: 532 pages (according to Goodreads)
Synopsis: «Sarah Campbell is a rarity among women in her time. Unaware of her stunning beauty or of the standard notions of propriety, she is sweetly and dangerously innocent and woefully unprepared for the complex world that is suddenly thrust upon her. Raised by her Scottish father and the natives of a remote island in the South Pacific, Sarah embarks upon a perilous and epic journey that will entwine her life with a Barbary Coast pirate captain named Hassan, who is more than what he seems, the Dey of Algiers, and the Dey’s harem of women, who all find her more interesting than she knows.
Will Sarah lose her life, her freedom, and her heart as she struggles to adapt to the new world that both entices and terrifies her?
A Maiden’s Honor is the first book of The Woman from Eden series.»

Josanna Thompson is the author of A Maiden's Honor and The Woman from Eden series. She has lived in many different places in the United States, including the Southeast, the Midwest, California, and the Northeast. When she is not writing; she enjoys traveling, exploring, and scuba diving.
She currently lives with her husband in New England.

Guys, honestly, this author is super sweet. Go check out her links:

Doesn't the plot sounds amazing? I think so, and I was lucky enough to get a copy to review. This means that, really soon, I will be able to tell you guys everything I loved about this book, and I'm really excited. Meanwhile, go check out a review about the book here (trust me, it will make you want to read it even more!) or read the first chapter here.

An amazing read.

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